Hobby to passion

We began making BadDonkey flutter jigs in 2010 as an inexpensive alternative to the $15 and $20 butterfly jigs that were available at the time.  Not only were the jigs significantly less expensive to make, but they worked as well or better than the high dollar off the shelf jigs and losing a lure became a minor concern versus spending 15 to 20 minutes backing down into the waves and wind to try to salvage a golden butterfly.  Mulita swimbait heads were the next evolution which soon became a passion.  We were unable to find a heavy swimbait head that looked good, fit the swimbaits well, and got down deep quick and stayed there.  From a combination of years of bullet casting experience, engineering design, imagination, commitment, and some good luck the Mulita swimbait heads evolved.  At first, we began making primitive 6 ounce lead heads but they worked surprisingly well.  Over several years we adjusted the design and converted observation into engineering to develop the current design of BadDonkey Mulita and Trident swimbait heads that retrieve level, swim straight, and stay in the water even at trolling speeds of 12 mph.  Whether you are deep dropping for lings, trolling for tuna, casting for white seabass, targeting aggressive bass, or yo-yoing for yellows, BadDonkey swimbait heads swim straight and provide a natural presentation. Every trip we take, it seems we learn a new ways to use them and put more and different kinds of fish in the boat.  The Mulitas and Tridents are so effective, we rarely use live bait anymore.